Learn to live from your life force!

What does Pranatude mean?

Prana – means life force or life energy.  ‘tude (short for attitude) – means a manner of acting, feeling or thinking.

Pranatude coaching, workshops and seminars help you live from your life force!

You can experience Pranatude through one-on-one coaching, or monthly seminars and workshops on tools to connect with your spirit; through The Pranatude Show — an inspirational and transformational web video series; and via the Bread Crumbs blog, where thoughts and reflections help us appreciate the divine steps to fulfilling our life purpose.

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The Spring Pranatude Seminar featured a spiritual healer, an alchemist, and a personal empowerment coach.  Pranatude helped like-minded seekers get centered, learn to meditate and cleanse their chakras.  And the Pranatude experience provided magical insights into who we are and our purpose on this earth.

The Summer Pranatude Workshop featured Yoga Miracles with Joni Consroe, and Dream Yourself Awake with Dr. Michael Lennox.  Participants opened their hearts through moving meditation, visualization and yoga.  And, the day culminated with an afternoon of fascinating dream interpretation and analysis.  Participants now have a better understanding of the unconscious messages from their dreams!

Pranatude is both a personal and collective journey.